Planning permission

New house construction will always require a planning consent however, a formal planning consent is not always needed for you to be able to alter or extend your home. There is an amount of work that you can do to your home under Permitted Development. Whilst you do not need to approach the Local Authority for work in this category you may decided to formalise the work using a Certificate of Lawfulness.

This legislation is always being updated and we ourselves keep up to date with these changes. We can advise on the alternatives available to you and assist with the definitions and interpretation of these various options.

The planning process can be very complicated and there are often situations whereby additional detail provided by third parties may be requested by the Local Authority in order to validate your application. We have built up a network of these third party professionals such as tree specialists, ecologists, habitat experts etc..and we are happy to share these with you and obtain quotations for their services.

We register as your appointed planning agent for the determination period and will keep in touch with your Case Officer and liaise with you at all stages. You can also track the progress of your application on line.

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