We offer a free initial consultation at your home whereby we will discuss your requirements with you in detail and assess the level of service that you will require. This initial meeting can take place at a mutually convenient time any day from Monday through to Friday, starting any time from 8.00am up until 8.00pm. 

At that visit we will provide you with a written quotation or estimate for our services and we can also advise you on the likely construction costs for your project.

Our prices are based on a very clear and transparent menu system and are agreed prior to commencement. We can also give you an indication of any additional professional services that you may need, for example an Arboricultural Impact Assessment or Tree Protection Statement if you have any protected or significant trees in close proximity. You may perhaps need a Build Over Agreement if you have any designated public sewers in or adjacent to your property and so on...

We can also give you an idea of any additional costs for these associated services and, if necessary, obtain formal quotations for this work from qualified professionals who we have previously worked with and are happy to recommend.

We do consider it important for you to understand all of the costs and obligations that will apply to your project.

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