Building Regulations Approvals

This certification is usually acquired via the Local Authority although you can use independent registered Building Control Surveyors for this process as an alternative.

Building Regulations approval is a formality and just requires plans to be submitted that accord with the current requirements as laid down in the Approved Documents. It is our responsibility to ensure that the information provided in the way of drawings, specifications and supporting documentation is accurate and up to date. Once a Building Regulations application is submitted and registered, by giving twenty four hours' notice to your Building Control Officer, you may then commence work on site and request the interim inspections laid down within this procedure. Formal approval documents are provided at the outset and a formal Completion Certificate issued following completion of the work on site and after the final site inspection is made.

Any further certification gained during the construction programme, i.e. electrical certificates, gas installation certification etc.. must be passed to the Building Control Department prior to a final sign off.

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